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Scientific project

Scientific project

1° Scientific project

Following its mission, Masticationpedia aims to highlight the importance of science in the fields of neurophysiology and masticatory rehabilitation and to promote scientific projects of particular thematic interest. Because those who dedicate their lives to research find their profession in study and experimentation and orient their activity towards the acquisition of new knowledge.

Discoveries and innovations, however, have far greater repercussions on different aspects of our life than we can imagine. Research and development, also being inextricably intertwined, influence our society and our life.

Tackling problems with an interdisciplinary approach and sharing the knowledge acquired in different fields represent the new challenges of research. Today the most innovative sectors and studies are those found on the borders between different disciplinary fields. This situation leads to a new interactive model in which fundamental research questions arise by addressing practical problems and practical problems contribute to asking new questions.

Masticationpedia proposes this model at national and international level and wants to be a starting point for the collaboration and exchange of knowledge between people and institutions, public or private, which will be presented shortly.

As the 1st scientific project, the mathematical and quantum physics aspect was focused in which

1° Scientific project

'Collaboration Department of Mathematics'

Just a few months after registration with the Masticationpedia Charity Commission, Prof. Filippo Bracci, Director of the Mathematics Department of the 'Tor Vergata' University became interested in the project from a scientific point of view and proposed a collaboration between Masticationpedia, Department of Mathematics and Engineering.

The contents of Masticationpedia, as noted several times, are multidisciplinary so as to require a wider collaboration in order to implement the themes of the topics covered. We cannot, for example, speak of 'System Inference' without having a marginal idea of stochastic processes and Markov chains. All topics that we will encounter in the reading of Masticationpedia but which requires highly trained staff in the subject who can explain complex mathematics topics in a simple way.

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2° Scientific project

'Neurognatological Helmet Realization'

Much of the contents of Masticationpedia concern chewing rehabilitation aspects and in particular the neurophysiological characteristics that every orthodontic and prosthetic rehabilitation should have. One of the first projects is, therefore, the creation of a neurognatological helmet able to facilitate the operating procedures to the dentist colleague with minimal discomfort for the patient.