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Direct Social Benefit

The progress of science has a long latency in spreading and rightly so, but it is not uncommon for social profiles linked to industrial and propaganda contexts to have an immediate hold on people's cognitive processes.

What differentiates Masticationpedia from other highly respected institutional and scientific bodies are, precisely, those 40 years necessary for Doctor Frisardi Gianni first and then for the many collaborators of different specialist backgrounds (see Scientific community) to understand the correctness and coherence of the know-how acquired.

Be among the first to stand out, dentistry is Science and not fashion

To become affiliated it is necessary to follow a training course on trigeminal neurophysiological procedures for prosthetic, implant-prosthetic, orthodontic and orthognathic masticatory rehabilitation. Request further information about affiliation in the network by sending a request from the contact section.

Furthermore, you can check the affiliation model by following some projects presented in the first two locations of the Masticationpedia Network in Italy and precisely the Frisardi Masticationpedia Network of Rome and the Fontana Masticationpedia Network of Como.