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Masticationpedia thrives on donations. It is not a public body, it does not receive government or other funding. This ensures his operational freedom and independent judgment. There are no companies behind this project, no multinational corporations, there are no ideologies, there are not those players which others can use to develop initiatives. But we wanted Masticationpedia not to be conditioned by third party interests.

Behind Masticationpedia there are only those who write it and those who read it.

Of course, a Project like this cannot live on love only. This is why we are forced to solicit the participation of those who read us, those who interact with us, or even just share the importance of spreading transparent and serious knowledge in a scientific sector in which dangerously unreliable "information" abounds. Donating to Masticationpedia has a double value because the authors / editors of Masticationpedia already donate a part of their knowledge to that humanity can receive contents otherwise relegated to a limbo of a selected few. An economic contribution, even a small one, by professionals in the sector, as well as by non-experts who can grasp the scope of the initiative, will allow reinvesting in the realization of the project; which has an eminently social purpose. Click on the button

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We thank you in advance for your support It is precious for us because it helps us grow, it is crucial because it commits us to honor it with the utmost seriousness and rigor, ethical and scientific.

We are always at your disposal for any better clarification or detail: contact donate@masticationpedia.org

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