The Charity is always looking for competent and motivated professional figures.

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The areas of interest are not limited to the medical field only, in the contents of Masticationpedia there are, in fact, topics dealing with medicine, neurophysiology, mathematics, statistics and bioengineering.

Contributions can be of different kinds. In particular, to correctly render interdisciplinary scientific communication in various languages, Masticationpedia needs to be translated into the mother tongue of the reader, and should have linguistically different versions. In order to provide this kind of support, the colleague and/or the science lover will have to be registered as a member of Masticationpedia, and must have a registered account.

Masticationpedia has a carefully traced path, indeed; its main target is Rehabilitative Science of the Masticatory System, encompassing all the subjects that are somehow related to it. For this reason, it is a highway with countless lanes, as it were, that intersect to trigger discussions and implementations in dealing with the issues in question. The implementation of Masticationpedia is the hard core of the whole project because, if the translation support does not have serious errors in presenting the implementation of the themes from a scientific point of view, the author must be invited to write a specific scientific topic. Interest in the proposals of prospective authors may increase if they believe they can contribute on topics to be explored.


At the moment there are no open positions, but you still can send your CV to and we will contact you in case your profile could match what we are looking for.

Non-discrimination policy

The opportunities we present are always meant for both genders and people of all ages (provided they are of age), and all nationalities without discrimination of any kind.