Contributing to Masticationpedia means taking part in research on the masticatory rehabilitation together with the Scientific Community that has already started studies under the aegis of the The Charity.

As better explained in the dedicated page, Masticationpedia differs from Wikipedia and other wikis because here the modifications and implementations are rigorously filtered by the impact and the specific scientific / clinical weight that the contributions can generate. In this project, we talk about highly specialized sectors of medicine and we also talk about it in terms of research and discussion among employees. Our pages aim to become points of reference on certain topics for ongoing studies by medical colleagues and dentists. It is not possible, therefore, to allow the direct editing of the content, as in Wikipedia, because the content can be modified only for a good reason, and it must be a good scientific reason. And we cannot receive content except from those who take full professional responsibility for what is going on.

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Anonymous editing and the editing that puts the content directly on the page are the fortunes of the extraordinary and precious monument to knowledge that Wikipedia represents. We are all grateful to that project for the work that volunteers do with passion and a sense of sacrifice; here, however, we must account for real-time developments of studies on defined topics. We need to talk to Hippocrates’ grandchildren knowing that we can fully and mutually rely on the contributions of a professional, and it is a path towards knowledge that starts differently, moves differently and reaches its destination differently.

Free knowledge, we share this principle and goal with Wikipedia toto corde. Knowledge must be available at any time and without any discrimination to those who want to use it. It must have no barriers to access, especially social or economical ones.

The implementation of Masticationpedia will therefore be the challenge of the future in which researchers, scientists and colleagues will find a small space of their time to give humanity a part of their knowledge without diverting from their academic predefined targets.

The right to modify and implement Masticationpedia pages will therefore be reserved to invited users (or selected on the basis of their professional careers) interested into the growth of this editorial / training project. To collaborate in this area, please do contact us and we will evaluate the possibility of providing you with direct access to the user role, with a gradual increase in autonomy in order to implement Masticationpedia with always greater simplicity.