First scientific achievement
Scientific collaboration agreement between the Department of Mathematics and Engineering of the University of "Tor Vergata" and Masticationpedia.

What is research?

Following its mission, Masticationpedia aims to highlight the importance of science in the fields of neurophysiology and masticatory rehabilitations and to promote scientific projects of particular thematic interest. Because those who dedicate their lives to research, find in study and experimentation their profession and direct their activities towards the acquisition of new knowledge.

Discoveries and innovations, though, have far greater repercussions on the different aspects of our life than we can imagine. Research and development, being also inextricably entwined, affect our society and life.

This reflection explains why Masticationpedia stands out with its peculiar approach to the topic “Scientific Research”.

Put simple, the research activities can be distinguished as follows:

  • Fundamental research: The basic research looks for acquiring new knowledge and understanding complex processes. It originates from the curiosity, interest and intuition of the researcher and is conducted without an immediate practical purpose, even if its results, perhaps years later, may have important practical implications.
  • Industrial research: Also called applied research, it is chosen to find concrete and specific solutions. It’s aim is the use of theoretical knowledge for practical purposes, not knowledge itself.
  • Frontier research: The stiff separation between basic and applied research no longer exists here, just as it is no longer possible to clearly distinguish the disciplines. Addressing problems with an interdisciplinary approach and sharing knowledge acquired in different areas represent the new challenges of research. Today the most innovative sectors and studies are those that lie on the borderlines between different disciplinary fields. This situation leads to a new interactive model in which fundamental research questions arise by addressing practical problems, and practical problems contribute to asking new questions.

Masticationpedia proposes this model at national and international levels and wishes to be a starting point for collaboration and exchange of knowledge between people and institutions, whether public or private, will be presented shortly.