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Interface administrators (interface-admins) are users who can edit all JavaScript (JS), Cascading Style Sheets (CSS), and JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) pages[1] and pages in the MediaWiki namespace.

They are named by the Charity. They are the only local user group with the ability to edit all JS/CSS pages.[2] These pages are executed by the browser of wiki editors and readers as code, which can be used to change how content is styled, change the behavior of pages, or even create complex tools to help with editing.

There are currently 4 interface administrators. If you need assistance from an interface administrator, you can make a request at the interface administrators' noticeboard.

  1. Sitewide pages, such as MediaWiki:Common.js or MediaWiki:Vector.css, or the gadget pages listed on Special:Gadgets, and other user's subpages
  2. Any administrator can edit other pages in the MediaWiki namespace and all JSON pages, and all registered users may edit their own personal JS/CSS/JSON pages as used by Masticationpedia:User scripts.