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If the Wiki can be considered the 'brain' of the Masticationpedia project and the "Academy" the phonetic system with which scientific and clinical contents are transferred to the Dentistry Community, then the Masticationpedia Network is the "heart".

First of all it should always be kept in mind that the Masticationpedia project is a charity and the goal of each charity is the common good or better still, the social benefit. It is not easy and always obvious to make social benefits and sometimes the rehabilitation treatments performed in hospital or at least through the National Health System, can involve an additional economic burden for the State because it is not in line with the paradigmatic scientific change. (see references Masticationpedia Academy).

It was and will continue to be essential to first raise awareness in the 'Medical-Dental Community' on current paradigmatic innovations through the Masticationpedia Wiki and at the same time raise public awareness that the Masticatory System has an irrefutable role on the quality of human life.

To be consistent with this ideal and to achieve such an ambitious social purpose, the road is long and complex but the goal will be the realization of specialized centers in the field of masticatory rehabilitation called Masticationpedia Network.

Basically, Masticationpedia is a Charity that can be compared to a "start-up" with a characteristic of social innovation determined by a paradigmatic scientific innovation that of replacing the now obsolete ' biomechanic masticatory dogma' with the trigeminal neurophysiological one.

The primum movens is to fully follow the logic of the exploitation of resources in the reference community, reaching a high level of efficiency by combining human resources with the paradigm of scientific innovation.

Magic? No: all of this is the result of a highly specialized, composite culture and a strong attitude to problem solving.

But let's go into more detail: what are the distinguishing features of the Masticationpedia Network?

  1. MODEL REPLICABILITY: Model replicability means that the paradigmatic scientific clinical approach, methodology and technology used can be repeated in different geographic areas without the need for major changes.
  2. SCALABILITY OF THE MODEL: Scalability is the ability to grow exponentially using few resources. The Masticationpedia Wiki model aims to disseminate paradigmatic clinical contents involving the participation of the Community through the web to spread the paradigmatic concept and contextually the method.To this first step is added the exponential growth in the diffusion of the methodology in the dental community. Not being a proprietary network based on an entrepreneurial business profile as are the large chains of dental networks, Masticationpedia Network does not trigger commercial competition but professional implementation in every doctor's office that receives it.
  3. INTRINSIC INNOVATION: Innovation (process or product) is a "conditio sine qua non" when it comes to innovative startups. Startups are born to satisfy a need not yet satisfied (or to create a need that is not yet evident). They were born to subvert the status quo. They were born to overturn (or create) a new paradigm. Let's take an example: Bruxism has been and still is considered a dental occlusal disorder for which the dentist continues to diagnose it as a result of an occlusal imbalance. After having published a scientific article, Dr. Frisardi Gianni[1] ^ was able to demonstrate that the presence of a central neurnal hyperexcitability caused by a pineal cavernosa is capable of manifesting itself with intense and persistent bruxism. Considering it primarily as a dental phenomenon causes a serious diagnostic error. Having 'Normalized' the masticatory functions to the 'Emerging Neurophysiological Trigeminal Behavior' corresponds to the paradigmatic innovation of which Masticationpedia is the promoter.
  4. TIME The definition of "beginning" is temporary. The "startup" phase is transitory and is the first phase of the company's growth path and which corresponds to the Wiki phase of Masticationpedia. This first 'Start up' time phase will promote a more lasting and practical social enterprise, namely Masticationpedia Network in which the patients can be treated following the guide line of Masticationpedia project.


  1. Frisardi G, Iani C, Sau G, Frisardi F, Leornadis C, Lumbau A, Enrico P, Sirca D, Staderini EM, Chessa G. A relationship between bruxism and orofacial-dystonia? A trigeminal electrophysiological approach in a case report of pineal cavernoma..Behav Brain Funct. 2013 Oct 28;9:41. doi: 10.1186/1744-9081-9-41.PMID: 24165294
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